Thriving And Surviving Society’s Dark Night Of The Soul

December 4, 2017By Paige Rolfe

Thriving and Surviving Society's Dark Night Of The Soul_SIGNIFY

Individuals, civilizations and society all go through what is known as the DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL.

Sometimes known as ego death, Dark Night Of The Soul refers to the transition and experiences associated with the surrendering of our ego to become more knowing and creative. DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL is a metaphoric description of the process of moving away from who we think we are and into a more personal and intimate relationship with our creative spirit.

Brands that help society transition through life cycles rise to legend and  are rewarded in ways that are immeasurable.

The Cycles

“To everything there is a season…”

According to Navajo mythology, the number four represents different aspects of the human experience and how they coincide with Nature’s cycles.

The Navajo medicine wheel represents The Four Stages Of Life, The Four Seasons, Four Of The Aspects Of Life, The Four Elements Of Nature, Four Animals, and Four Ceremonial Plants. The Navajo circle is symbolic of the never-ending circle of life: birth to death, sorrow and happiness, rich and poor, good and bad.

“Navajo artists draw sand circles in a counterclockwise progression, one quadrant at a time, with decorative icons for the challenges of each age and season. When they near the end of the fourth season, they stop the circle, leaving a gap just to the right of its top. This signifies the moment of death and rebirth.” [Source: The Fourth Turning, William Strauss and Neil Howe]

Myth And Society

“Archetypal psychology takes us deeper into the dynamics of our feelings as they are really felt- not as instincts or as drives, but with the human texture of myths and stories. ” – Jay Ogilvy

Myths portray chaotic dynamics.

thriving and surviving society's dark night of the soul In mythology, ‘The Ordeal’ signifies the death of the ego. The Greeks called this a moment of apotheosis.

Death and rebirth is a recurrent theme in world mythology. Carl Jung interpreted mythology as, “a group dream, symptomatic of archetypal urges within the depths of the human psyche.” Archetypes, thought patterns, are patterns of emotional and mental behavior that find worldwide parallels in individuals or entire cultures.

A clear archetypal identity is necessary for organizations and brands. Archetypes work as an inner guide that aid us in our journey, exemplify a way of being, and are proof that order emerges from chaos.

During chaotic times, there are specific archetypes that a brand can tap into to serve as a guide and help society during times of transition.

1. Magician

“It can happen!”

Magician brands encourage and cultivate “magical moments”.

Magician archetypes find fulfillment when they can see a vision realized and are driven by the curiosity to understand the hidden workings of the universe. This archetype holds an uncanny ability to view the world through multiple different lenses.

You don’t have to be Harry Houdini to tap into this archetype. Iconic American jewelry brand, Tiffany & Co., can embody this archetype and illustrate how its different stones and precious metals bring protective and transformative powers to the wearer. They could offer personalized, DIY, talisman.

MAGICIAN STRENGTHS: Highly evolved perspective, ability to turn problems into opportunities, ability to dream enormous dreams, charisma, baffling powers of perception, ability to reframe difficulties, intuition and cleverness.

EXAMPLES: Merlin, Tony Robbins, Harry Potter, Scott Adams, shamans.

Other members of the Magician Archetypal Family include:






2. Creator

If it can be imagined, it can be created.”

Creativity is the true nature of human beings. Otto Rank, world-famous Psychologist and one of the intellectual giants in Sigmund Freud’s inner circle, saw creativity as so basic to the essence of our humanness that he, in effect, substituted the human creative impulse or the drive for production for Freud’s emphasis on sexuality and reproduction.

Creator brands are most fulfilled by seeing new ideas take form.

CREATOR STRENGTHS: Nonlinear thought, highly developed aesthetic, nonconformity, imagination, creativity, inventiveness, ability to motivate creative thinking in others.

EXAMPLES: Apple, Crayola, Mozart, Martha Stewart.

Other members of the Creator Archetypal Family include:






3. Caregiver

“Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Any parent can attest to the fact that creations need nurturing to survive. Caregiver brands find the most fulfillment when making a difference for someone else.

Generally speaking, people associate the Caregiver archetype with a parent, child daycare, hospital, nursing home, etc., but brands can tap into this archetype even if they don’t fall into one of those traditional categories. For example, ultra luxury consumers value privacy and security more than ever before. Brands operating in the hospitality industry can embody the Caregiver archetype and even charge extra for amenities such as additional Wi-Fi security. This is already happening in some of the luxury hotels around the world and is greatly appreciated and valued by guests.

CAREGIVER STRENGTHS: Altruism, compassion, patience, empathy, dedication, ability to motivate others to provide better service or care.

EXAMPLES: Campbell’s Soup, Princess Diana, Sesame Street, Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, hotels, motels, and resorts.

Other members of the Caregiver Archetypal Family include:






4. Lover

“I only have eyes for you.”

Love is essential to survival and evolution. Lover archetypes are most fulfilled by building relationships. Love can happen between people, an idea, a cause, product, and even your job! The lover archetype appreciates collaboration and closeness, affection and beauty.

LOVER STRENGTHS: Creating consensus, sexuality, spirituality, passionate, faithfulness, appreciation, vitality.

EXAMPLES: Chanel, Romeo and Juliet, Beauty and the Beast, Camelot, Virginia, Victoria’s Secret, Tiffany and Co.

Other members of the Lover Archetypal Family include:







“May the sun bring you new energy by day. May the moon softly restore you by night. May the rain wash away your worries. May the breeze blow new strength into your being. May you walk gently through the world and know its beauty all the days of your life.” – APACHE BLESSING

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