Your brand is sending a signal. But is it the right one?

Successful brands tell consumers their own story. They demonstrate with clarity and confidence a deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of their intended audience. To achieve this success, you must invest the time to know your unique and essential strengths, to understand your customers on an emotional level, and to craft meaningful messages that send a signal they will receive loud and clear.






Research new depths of emotional truth.

Standard focus groups deliver top-of-mind opinions and sensory perceptions but depth research is a form of qualitative inquiry that moves past top-of-mind opinions and sensory perceptions to locate emotional truths. It is this level of insight that deciphers consumer motivation and articulates behavioral drivers. We’ve worked intimately with the top research minds in the world to become pattern masters and toolmakers. We deliver strategic research tools to shed new light on your business growth and business development challenges and help you separate your brand from competitors.



& design


Appearance Matters.

Your brand’s visual identity makes the all-important first impression. Human perception is formed first visually, then verbally. That is why we often miss a person’s name when introduced, because our brains are busy deciding what we think about them. The same is true for brand.

Your company’s visual identity communicates the value of your brand to potential customers in less than a 1/10 of a second. Are you making the right first impression? Is your brand’s visual identity sending the right signals to your target audience? If not, Signify can help.

We offer full-scale brand identity design and development to businesses looking to communicate the value of their brand. From logo design, color and image selection, and brand identity style guides and implementation to trade show booth and marketing collateral design, Signify helps you visually communicate the value of your brand.