How To Test The Integrity Of Your Brand

December 20, 2016By Paige Rolfe

Test your brand integrity by sitting down a group of key stakeholders and answer the following questions.

Brand Integrity

Growing a brand with integrity is the most prosperous path to success. For a brand to have integrity it must behave in a way that is consistent with its core values. Brand-regulation is the reflective process of examining and evaluating brand integrity and implementing the behavior necessary to develop and follow through with a plan.

Brand Knowledge

  1. Why does your company exist?
  2. What is your company striving to become?
  3. What core values drive the behavior of your company?
  4. Why is each one of these values important to you?
  5. Are these values important and meaningful to your customers?
  6. Do these values impact the way your customers or prospective customers feel about you?
  7. How are you expressing these values?
  8. Do these values have any influence over customer purchasing decisions or brand preference?
  9. How is your company unique? What separates it from your competitors?
  10. What are the current societal values?
  11. What is the internal culture of the brand?
  12. What do employees say about the brand?


Brand Perception

Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer and look at the homepage of your website. Ask yourself:

  1. What is the first impression that our website projects? Does it effectively communicate our core values?
  2. Does the most prominent message demonstrate a clear understanding of our customer’s problem?
  3. Does our brand messaging demonstrate empathy for our customer’s problem?
  4. Does our brand messaging project the necessary authority over the problems our customers face?

 Now look at your other marketing materials. Ask yourself:

  1. Is it clear what I am buying?
  2. Do I understand the process I will undergo? Is there a package? Is there a plan?


Justifying Change

  1. Why do we want to make this change?
  2. What are the top three reasons for us to change?
  3. How important is it for us to make this change?
  4. What are we going to do?

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