How To Save The Floundering Playboy Brand

December 10, 2017By Paige Rolfe

   “Sex energy is the creative energy of all geniuses.” –  Napoleon Hill  ___________________________ Stroke Of Genius Hugh Hefner and Playboy Enterprises need no introduction. Let’s skip the fluffy backstory and get straight to business! World legend Hugh Hefner passed away in late 2017 leaving the fate of Playboy Enterprises in the hands of his son. … Read More

Thriving And Surviving Society’s Dark Night Of The Soul

December 4, 2017By Paige Rolfe

Individuals, civilizations and society all go through what is known as the DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL. Sometimes known as ego death, Dark Night Of The Soul refers to the transition and experiences associated with the surrendering of our ego to become more knowing and creative. DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL is a metaphoric description … Read More

Why Gucci’s Success Reflects The Spirit Of Our Time

November 19, 2017By Paige Rolfe

Fashion reflects what is known as zeitgeist: The dominant set of ideals and beliefs that motivate the actions of the members of a society in a particular period in time. The most successful brands build predictive models that help them accurately forecast the future. It doesn’t pay to be fashionably late. Measuring and conceptualizing future … Read More

Improving The Inner Game Of Under Armour

November 6, 2017By Paige Rolfe

Under Armour reported its first quarterly sales decline since the company went public in 2005. Media, insiders, traders, etc. are having a field day anticipating the demise and citing the causes: Discounting, declining category interest, political party affiliations, competition, the Internet, etc. Research often focuses too much on rational thinking and thereby misses the deeper … Read More

Ralph Lauren’s Garage Is The Next American Dream

September 19, 2017By Paige Rolfe

 Steering off course and into his legendary two-story car garage, Ralph Lauren took the road less traveled this New York Fashion Week. The iconic designer celebrated his 50th Anniversary by hosting a fashion show inside his garage located in Bedford, NY – 37 miles outside the city. “My cars have always been an inspiration to me. … Read More

How To Transform Tiffany & Co.

July 1, 2017By Paige Rolfe

   According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the American jewelry market overall has seen a rise in consumer activity, but iconic brand Tiffany & Co. has experienced a decline. When business development problems are ill-defined and the executive team is at a loss, the brand can become the most useful concept for not only studying … Read More

Is Food The Future Of Offline Fashion Retail?

June 12, 2017By Paige Rolfe

   How to save offline fashion retail is a common question asked and discussed in business. The answer? Make it an experience — and consider food’s natural fit to the human need to socialize, engage and interact. While it’s trumpeted that technology has driven the consumer to “live online,” the opposite is actually true. More … Read More

3 Ways To Increase The Ralph Lauren Brand Value

April 21, 2017By Paige Rolfe

   Ralph Lauren stock continues to be downgraded and losing value as stores nationwide close. Instead of focusing on the mistakes they made to get to this point, here are some easy-to- implement brand strategies for improving and increasing the overall value of the Ralph Lauren and Polo Ralph Lauren brand. 1. Focus on heritage … Read More

Amazon Didn’t Cause The Demise Of Retail

January 30, 2017By Paige Rolfe

   Major legacy retail brands have recently announced they’d be closing a significant number of stores. K-Mart’s news included closures of 109 K-Mart and 41 Sears locations, while Macy’s will be shutting down 68 of its 100 spots. While media and industry are quick to credit Amazon, and e-commerce as a whole, for the above, … Read More

Can These Struggling Iconic Brands Fashion A Comeback?

December 14, 2016By Paige Rolfe

   There was a time when iconic American fashion brands put the right kind of effort into establishing their worth in the mind of consumers. In more recent years, many of them have sold out for short-term gains – particularly, poorly planned expansion and scale at the sacrifice of customer experiences and product quality. As … Read More